Thursday, March 07, 2013

Finishing Audrey's 6th birthday

Well, after Audrey's phone call from Mickey. She got 2 more phone calls from grandparents. We went to visit her Great Grandma and Grandpa Jensen. We spent a little bit of time there and Audrey got a present from them. Gave them hugs and then went home to get ready for Dance class. After dance class was done and we handed out treats to all of the girls and their brothers, we got back into the car and headed to the party. Audrey knew there was going to be a party but thought for sure that it was going to be at our house. And so when I started driving away from our house instead of towards it, she started getting confused. I told her not to worry, but I just felt like taking a drive before the party. 

I hoped that she wouldn't put all the pieces together. As she had gotten several clues. She had seen the Chuck E Cheese web page open in my browser. I hadn't been cleaning the house like crazy. And we were packing all of the party supplies into the cars. She saw the balloons in daddy's car. But we told her that daddy was in charge of decorating for the party. I told her I was just checking the prices of Chuck E Cheese, and she put it to being able to go there on pizza night for dinner. 

I drove past the Aquarium, which is where we went last year for her birthday. But the girls didn't notice... and I drove towards Chuck E Cheese. We were a little late as dance gets out right about 6. But it was pretty smooth driving there, I didn't hit much traffic. As I pulled into the parking lot the girls thought we were going to go shopping a little.

I pulled into the parking stall, and Audrey turns to me and says,"Mom, I think you are lost...". Me,"Oh, really?". Audrey,"Are we going to have dinner at Chuck E Cheese's!?!". "Yes". "But, what about the party??" (starting to get a little down) "Honey, the party is here." "It is!!!! Yay!!!"

I just wish I had someone with a camera when she went through this conversation. It was pretty awesome. And apparently I can keep a pretty good secret... But probably not for too much longer, or I will just have to get sneakier. :)

We had lots of fun with family, friends, pizza and games! And I didn't have to stress to much about all of it. So it ended up fairly enjoyable

And now I shall post pics...

The Rainbow Cake in all it's prettiness!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

One update on Audrey's birthday... I may have a few today...

So this morning I made Audrey's cake...
 I had a little helper...

 We made the cake while Audrey was at school... 

then Audrey got a special phone call

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So today, 11 years ago Stu proposed to me. I am so happy he chose me and I was able to choose him. I wouldn't change anything about these years together. I am so grateful for everything that Stu has done for me and our kiddos. 

Now for a short video... 

And also some pics from today!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Wow... Water

  • Pros
  1. Cupboard filled with junk, now dejunked
  2. Bathroom floor, now sparkly clean
  3. bathroom sink/counter, now sparkly clean
  4. basement floor, now clean
  5. Kitty Litter boxes, now much cleaner
  6. I now know exactly how many towels I own
  7. All of my towels are now clean
  8. Table in my Laundry room, now dejunked and clean
  9. Food storage in my Laundry room not damaged! yay!
  10. water did not touch any electrical stuffs!!!
  11. Learning how to listen to those promptings that say, "Check on your kids" or "You had better take care of that kitty litter now before it gets really bad" or "No, you don't really want to throw away those old towels"
  12. and we now have a fan in case we ever need it again... :)

  • Cons
  1. Loosing all of my stocked up bandaids
  2. throwing away my unused/unopened tissue boxes
  3. loosing 10 or so unused diapers... (not to bad as Thing 2 is mostly potty trained at this point)
  4. Cleaning kitty litter that was filled with water
  5. having to ground Thing 1 and Thing 2... 
  6. No tv for 2 days...
  7. No computer/ipad time for a week (eek)
  8. Not having listened to those promptings
  9. Getting really upset at my sweet girls...
Well, if you can't figure out what happened from that... 

I was not paying attention to the girls. Ellie had to use the potty and I just let her go. Audrey went in to "help" and I just let them be. About 15 to 20 mins later they are still in the bathroom, with the water running. And I decide that I really need to go check on them and tell them to leave the bathroom. As I walked down the hall I noticed the water on the carpet outside the bathroom door. I opened the door and they had stuffed up the sink with everything from the counter, plugged the sink and had let the water run. For the entire time. There was probably about an inch of water covering the bathroom floor, and since the sink isn't well sealed to the counter, it had filled the cupboard under the sink with water, and their drawer was filled with water. 

I sent the kids to their room to change and stay in their room and then proceeded to call my mother and Stu. I gathered all the towels I could find upstairs and then went downstairs to get more out of the Laundry/Storage room. And found that the water had leaked through the vent system into my Laundry room and onto my table and blankets and clothing set there, and into the Kitty litter boxes that were stored under the table. 

I then proceeded to quickly melt down. 

Luckily, my mother was able to come to the rescue. Stu was able to get off of work early and pick up a few things we needed to get everything cleaned and drying.

I was able to calm down while scrubbing and realize that this was my fault too... And as you read above I was able to figure out the good things to come from this Life Lesson... May I never have to repeat it again. Which is also why I am writing it down.

Unfortunately, when I am in complete melt down mode I cannot seem to take pictures... so I have no pictures of this disaster when I found it... Though I don't think the pictures could have done it any justice.... 

Also, a side note. I found out after all was said and done. Stu told me that after I had gotten off the phone with him, he began laughing hysterically... (while I was sobbing hysterically)
So I reminded him of a mishap that happened to him while I was not at home, and he was tending a PT-ing Thing 1 and a crawling-stick-everything-in-the-mouth Thing 2. And Thing 2 grabbed Thing 1's #2 and proceeded to try to... yeah... He freaked out about that... and I got to just laugh then... :)

It is good to remember to laugh when life throws you curve balls, right :)